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No mere music festival, sophomore iteration of the South Beach Jazz Festival offers a compassionate twist to the more typical multi-day musical medley.

It’s an unabashedly American tradition alive and well for over 50 years: Although more popularly attributed to the free-wheeling rock and roll generation, jazz has generally been the focus for the majority of music festivals for as long as the phenomenon has been fashionable. Offering a hopeful undercurrent to this already impressive heritage comes the 2nd Annual South Beach Jazz Festival, a creatively curated extravaganza with a focus on musicians (and their fans) who suffer from disabilities. Founded by David New, a Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Current Chairman of the Miami Beach Disability Access Committee, this festival’s inclusive outreach and star-studded lineup (including Tal Cohen and genre star Branford Marsalis), make for a harmonious and humanitarian tone to the beginning of the new year; Jan. 5-7,