Change is in the Air

After all the emails, calls, texts, letters, I.M.’s, Facebook comments, Skypes, and in-person pleas to change my totally played-out editor’s pic you’ve been seeing on this page since this magazine launched, I was finally able to get some great new shots right before our deadline for this issue. If you like them, keep in mind the quality of both photos have more to do with Icon Brickell’s caché and the photographer’s artistic eye than with my modeling abilities, but I’ll take any compliments you have to offer anyway, so please send those along. The evolution of this page, however, pales in comparison to the updates I’ve been getting from our readers lately. A banker in the area recently sent me a video of his wife and kids jumping up and down, ecstatic about daddy’s promotion; a young publicist texted me photos of her sipping champagne in a limo with the new celebrity client she just landed; and two sisters called to inform me that they’ve officially launched their own full-service wedding planning firm after they were praised for the phenomenal job they did organizing their best friend’s wedding — for free. It seems everywhere you turn in Miami there are new beginnings, new opportunities and new reasons to smile. Take a moment to take it all in. You may just find enough inspiration to make your own change.

Jorge Arauz Editor-in-Chief
305.401.3232; [email protected]; Facebook@BrickellMag