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Ravaged by the workaday world, it’s essential to create an area that can lure you away from the office with a gentle whisper of Zen. Below are some simple tips to add chakric calm to your sanctum sanctorums.
Text by Sandy Fernandez | May 7, 2018 | Design & Real Estate

1.Light incense: The scent most common in Indian Ashrams is Nag Champa, made with sandalwood and plumeria. Such aromas can help transport you far away from the city lights and associated stresses.

2.Sound check: Drown out the constant chirp of your cellphone by listening to your favorite soundscapes. Chants and nature sounds can provide a calming background stimulus.

3.Bright idea: Turn the lights down low and give your eyes a rest from the glare of office computer screens, or sit by a sunlit window to recharge and revitalize your thoughts.

4.So soft: Add fluffy pillows, cozy blankets or plush rugs under your feet to create a warm and inviting vibe.

5.Outdoors in: Natural plants such as lavender or bamboo, will allow you to connect to nature, and fresh-cut flowers can bring in a touch of romance.

6.Minimize right: Declutter by removing unnecessary objects from your home. Clutter can cause the mind to jump from one thing to the next without warning.

7. Let it flow: The Hindu symbol for creativity and fertility, having a water feature will allow the energy of prosperity and money to flow freely into your life.

8. Positive symbols: Make sure the images in your home are positive, uplifting and promote an enlightened attitude. Clashing colors and violent imagery can subtly influence your mood.

9. Sweet dreams: Everyone needs peaceful sleep. Ensure your bedroom is free from accessory stimulations such as cell phones, laptops and yes, TV. Don’t ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed again!