Caffeine Racer

Supercar enthusiasts and caffeine lovers have found a new obsession in the ultimate espresso maker: The show-stopping surgical stainless steel and carbon fiber Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | July 31, 2020 | Luxury

Haute espresso machine maker Super Veloce, led by designer Paolo Mastrogiuseppe, is known for their automotive and aviation inspired high-end coffee machines. These statement-making creations are handcrafted of aerospace-grade authentic materials such as surgical stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium and carbon fiber. Their new dramatic RS Black Edition will take the checker flag with Porsche fans and car lovers in general as it pays tribute to the most iconic air-cooled, flat-six engine of the racing world: The legendary Porsche 993. “Porsche has always been the benchmark for many automakers. Every supercar maker follows their lead,” says Super Veloce Marketing Executive Sunel van der Linde. “The machine is basically a reverse-engineered air-cooled 993 engine, but made into half scale. The obvious difference is that instead of powering a car, the engine pumps coffee!” To make the RS Black Edition even more desirable, the company is producing exactly 993 exclusive units of this $11,000 espresso masterpiece;