Business Asset

Of all the many advances taking place around town right now, one of the most important is the growing success of the region’s tech industry.

With Miami being a major hub of finance, entertainment, trade and international business, it has also become one of the top hot spots in the U.S. for start-ups and entrepreneurs. “Our city allows people young and old to thrive, which is exactly why we chose Miami to be our home,” says Henry Zakkour, Founder & Senior Director of Engineering of Zakkour Technology Group (ZTG). “We have had the privilege of working with a variety of notable local Miami businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the past decade to bring their ideas to life.” This, in turn has given ZTG the opportunity to create, develop and launch some incredible mobile applications and software. “With each industry going through modernization and the continual growth of new technology, the possibilities are limitless,” he says. One of their missions is to provide an opportunity for youth to be able to explore a career path in the technology field. To support that initiative, ZTG’s team, at their Brickell headquarters, has developed a year-round internship and entrepreneurial workshop program to help further develop their skills and practical experience. This hands-on approach under direct guidance from their seasoned staff is designed to make students more knowledgeable and employable in the future;