Building Dreams

Besides helping bring big-hearted folks from around town together for a great cause, Habitat For Humanity makes the dream of home ownership a reality for low-income families all year round.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | May 29, 2018 | Lifestyle

It’s said that home ownership is the single biggest financial decision people make in their lifetime. But for some, achieving that part of the American Dream doesn’t come as easily as it does for others. Enter Habitat For Humanity. You’ve probably seen the commercials, heard the PSAs on the radio and thought about getting involved in one way or another. If you still haven’t volunteered with them, consider that just this past year more than 40 new families became proud homeowners thanks to the good work of Habitat and its army of volunteers (including the families themselves) who collectively rolled up their sleeves to complete tasks ranging from cutting wood to creating inviting landscapes. All the homes have green-friendly, energy-saving features to help keep bills low, and after each residence is completed, each is sold at-cost with a 0% interest loan. So go ahead, lend a hand and learn some new skills along the way while you help families realize their dreams one nail at a time;