Brush Strokes

Carla Fache’s paintings explore the frontiers of color, space, balance and matter. Different visual scenarios, occurring simultaneously in parallel realities, provide interconnecting timelines through her canvas as portals to new dimensions.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | January 29, 2020 | Lifestyle

Color is essential to Carla Fache. She explores its infinite combinations and balance through careful blending and re-contextualizing of its coexistence to create exciting new perspectives. Her breathtaking works address the mind, heart and soul through an endless exchange of invisible vibrations, incentivizing the senses and inviting the viewer to immerse in this experience without conscious reasoning. “My imagination travels to unknown existing dimensions that I describe through a process of layering,” she says. “When I paint, I feel connected with a higher power guiding me to describe these visions with colors and textures. Thin layers that reveal parallel timelines that permanently coexist in the human subconscious.” Her paintings have been widely recognized for their energy and power. Her command of color and texture creates a distinctive language that reveals powerful links with higher dimensions, allowing the viewer to visit these new timeless realities through her canvas;