Bright Spot

Having trouble concentrating at work? Light, color, temperature and brightness can all play a role in regulating your mood, productivity and stress level. Optimize your space with these great options.

Flexible Choice
Bright, dim, warm, cool — what you need from a workspace can change from hour to hour, never mind day to day. For example, did you know that red-based tones can boost energy levels, while cooler hues can help calm and de-stress. With the Philips Hue Connected Bulb System, you can have all of the above at the push of a button. These bulbs are capable of adjusting temperature and brightness through your iPad; Starting at $200,

Sun Factor
Though much blamed for its role in skin cancer and aging, sunlight is actually essential for our well-being. That’s why our mood and productivity can suffer when we spend most of the day locked away. Verilux’s HappyLight products can help make up some of the difference. These lamps use a spectrum that mimics natural daylight, helping to regulate your body’s circadian rhythms as well as important stress-fighters like melatonin and serotonin; Get it for $143,

Better Focus
Having the right amount of light in a workspace is key to minimizing eyestrain and helping reduce stress, but brightening up the whole office can be cost-prohibitive. Or you may work somewhere where you need to provide your own brightness boost. Humanscale’s Task Lamps are ergonomically designed to provide the illumination you need in exactly the right spot. And they’re super energy efficient, so the boss can’t complain about the power bill;

Natural Solution
Want to take advantage of the most affordable and effective light source for the workplace? Open those shades. Natural light has been shown to provide a host of health benefits to worker health and well-being. But sometimes sunlight can make for a harshly contrasting light situation inside. If this happens, Install daylight monitors which automatically adjust fixtures to blend with natural and ambient light — and help save energy in the process.