Brickell Bodies

These Miamians have found the secret to balancing their mind, body and spirit in a way that yields favorable results and a physique that inspires others to embark on fitness journeys of their own.

Photography: Alê Bomeny
Creative Direction: Ana Claudia Negri
Styling: Isabella Markman
Beauty: Cesar Ferrette for Rik Rak Salon & Rogelio Gonzalez for Red Market Salon Bal Harbour Shops
Interviews: Jorge Arauz
Location: AMARA at Paraiso; 3101 NE 7th Ave.;

Nathalie Lahoud

You could say that fitness runs in Nathalie Lahoud’s genes. “I come from a very athletic family,” she says. “My father always loved training, cycling and running, so I grew up with that influence as a big part of my childhood.” Living a fit lifestyle comes with its perks. “I treat myself to one cheat meal a week and if I’m craving something when I’m on a diet, I usually tell myself to just go for it!”

Johnny Barros

The first thing that Johnny Barros does when he wakes up in the morning is a moderate, 30-minute cardio workout, followed by weight training later in the day. “When you’re exercising consistently and eating reasonably healthy on a daily basis, the way you feel about yourself, about your health, about your conditioning — it’s all very satisfying and it makes your days flow much better!”

Johanna Thompson 

Model, blogger, trainer, yoga practitioner, host and fitness entrepreneur — Johanna Thompson wears many hats. From age 3-17, she was a competitive dancer and ballerina who arrived in Miami a decade ago on a modeling contract with Wilhelmina. “The best advice I can offer is to just get moving,” she says. “Don’t worry about a matching workout set or trying to keep up with the person next to you. Everyone has a starting point and goal. Everyone has off days, even pros. Find something you enjoy and stick with it!”

Kaio Alves Goncalves 

From MMA, boxing and jiu-jitsu to snowboarding, mountain biking, dirt bike racing, calesthenics and weight lifting, there isn’t a sport Kaio Alves Goncalves hasn’t experienced. “Staying fit comes naturally when you live a healthy lifestyle and do sports or workout for so long that maintaining becomes your motivation,” he says. “The best results always come from within.” 

Micha Oriol 

Attributing the privilege to move as her biggest motivator, Micha Oriol inspires others to dedicate their workouts to all those who cannot move their body freely. “Maybe they don’t have an able body, maybe they’re suffering from an injury or disease, maybe they have a schedule that simply doesn’t allow it,” she says. “I strongly believe we should find the workouts that we enjoy most, because when we are doing something we love, we enhance our lives in the best ways.”

Manuel Luna

As a U.S. Open World Martial Arts Championship Gold Medalist, Manuel Luna is a world-class athlete who continually strives to inspire himself and others to reach their fitness goals. “The best part of being fit is the feeling of understanding your body and developing its potential” he says. “Always remember that if someone else is able to do it, you can do it too!” 

Wanda Grandi 

Playing sports all of her life, Wanda Grandi has participated in everything from Olympic gymnastics to synchronized swimming and many activities in between. “Sports have brought discipline and focus into my life,” she says. “Physical activity is the best form of therapy in my life — I love sharing my experiences and inspiring others to strive for a healthier and more balanced life!”