Brand Ambassador

Liandra Salles loves seeing brands grow. Fashion designers can be big and powerful in their native country, but when they come to the U.S., they have to start from the ground up. That’s where her innovative company Skep360 comes in.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | September 28, 2020 | Fashion

Brands and designers that carry a message with their products inspire Liandra Salles. “I love working with a product that I believe in and that will make a difference in the fashion industry,” she says. “I always struggled with the part of the fashion world that is shallow and futile so every time I’m working on an image I ask myself how can people relate to that? How can I send a positive message with this? Is this empowering the women around me?” Her company Skep360 handles the internationalization of brands to the American market with a 360 approach. “I do everything image related for our clients,” she says. “Starting with the curation of the right product mix followed by campaign shoots that will be used for marketing and to create e-commerce strategies and the planning and execution of all the moving pieces.” @Skep360 follows the day-to-day adventures of this woman who cannot work without music and is obsessed with cacti and blocking radiation. “I have a bunch of cacti all over my house and on my office desk,” she says. Recently launching a digital platform called The Skep Room, it will work as an incubator for Latin American designers to start the process with less investment and with the full support of Skep360’s services. “We’ve been working on this for so long and we want to show the world that Latin fashion is much more than tassels and prints,” she says. “We showcase designs that really speak with the global market.”