An essential aspect of any properly prepared American meal, meat of all varieties can often leave a hole in our grocery budgets. Below we’ve collected some timely tips to save you a few extra bucks.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | March 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

  1. Cold Shoulder: The top tip when it comes to marking down your monthly meat cost is when you find a good deal, jump on it and freeze the excess. No truly self-respecting Miami larder is complete without a few pounds of excess hamburger straight chillin’!

2. Getting The Skinny: Although we all love to occasionally chew the fat, all that weighty adipose is probably making your homecooked meals less affordable as the fat cooks away. Try buying leaner cuts and supplement your meals with rich sauces and gravies.

3. Power Of Prep: Tenderizing, marinating and braising your meats can make any slice seem like a costly cut. Remember, you don’t have to pay big bills to get a tender morsel of meat on your plate.

4. Grinding: Spending too much on ground chuck? Try grinding the meat yourself, or getting a local deli to do it. You’ll save big, and often end up with a much tastier meal.

5. Timing Is Everything: A prime time to procure a year’s worth of carnivorous bliss? The holidays. Turkeys and hams after Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter are often sold at unbelievable prices.

6. Putting The Work In: Although seemingly over-convenient for the time-poor professional, meat companies make big bucks when one buys things like pre-butterflied chicken breasts or premade patties. A couple of extra minutes of work can save you a lot at check-out, and is more fun to make!

7. Make Ends Meet: Planning to shop at a local deli for lunch meats? They can often be convinced to sell the unsightly end pieces at a significant discount.

8.Grouping On: One timeless way to cut out the middleman in your meat purchases? Find a whole animal retailer and buy the entire animal from teeth to tail! Splitting the cost with several friends can ensure scores of meals throughout the year from one simple purchase.