Braise On!

Slow-cooked, hearty, indulgent and oh-so-savory — braised short ribs are not only one of the quintessential American comfort staples, but a classic dish that’s trending again in the culinary world.
Words by Francesca Cruz | June 29, 2020 | Lifestyle

The cooking method of braising, which comes from the French word braiser, refers to the original technique of cooking meat in a covered pot over glowing hot coals. In present day, the braising process involves first searing the meat at a high temperature, and then finishing in a covered pot at a lower temperature and slow cooking for a couple of hours. One of the best cuts for braising is the short ribs. Located in the area below the chuck and the rib on the cow, this cut gets the deep flavor of chuck roast and the rich marbling of rib steaks. When braised, the result is a tender, aromatic, juicy, “falls off the bone,” gratifying dish. — Photo by Battery Operated Productions

Short Rib Secrets

Pastrami Style Short Rib @Ariete, Coconut Grove
“We take a classic beef rib and brine it for 7 days and then smoke it until it’s fork-tender. This dish is the ultimate comfort food for me.” 
— Chef Michael Beltran

24-Hour Braised Prime Beef Short Rib @Chef Adrianne’s, Kendall 
“Our technique is classic French slow simmer. We quadruple the amount of garlic and wine you’d find in a standard recipe. It’s food for the soul!” 
— Chef Adrianne

Braised Short Ribs of Beef @Society BBQ, Little River 
“The rack of ribs is unassuming until  you smoke it, the meat slowly cooks in its own fat from the inside to create a fatty, meaty, smoke-laced experience.” 
— Chef Richard Hales