Bottled Beauty

Ileana Collazo is a local artist who absorbs anything from blooming gaillardias to graffiti and transmutes it using prose, pallets and wine.
Text by Rony Mo | June 4, 2018 | People

Ileana Collazo has been painting just over 5 years, yet has already claimed the title of featured artist at the Brickell Wine & Food Festival, Coconut Grove Arts Fair, PhilanthroFest, RAW and Art Basel. Her work toes the line between expressionism and cubism and grips the same emotion she places into her career as a published poet. Her Floral Fantasies series nods at the work of Franz Marc, and her Night Gardens collection places nature under a microscope with its magnified colors and 2D textures. Up next for the artist is a run of hand-painted wine bottles that will have your head swirling faster than its contents.