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Bona Fide

A truly awesome new approach to art prints only technologically feasible in our modern age, General Public Art allows everyday consumers to enjoy near-perfect replicas of their favorite works of art.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | August 28, 2018 | Culture & Art

It’s a facet of art that, for many of us, is only accessible in museums or the small, personal collections we covet. Perhaps just as evocative to the senses as the picture itself, every great painting bears a textured landscape entirely unique to its original canvas. From flurried waves to delicate dots, each ripple and peak of an original piece’s makeup indicates the kinetic energy imbued when its creator created it. Courageously convinced that not only a select few should enjoy the appeal of an original, famed actress Portia De Rossi has partnered with a number of titanic technical geniuses to refine a printing technique that simply has to be touched to be believed at watershed art printing company General Public. With a wide variety of artists signing on to create their patented Synographs, De Rossi and the rest at General Public are truly crafting whole new ways of celebrating and enjoying art; GeneralPublic.Art.