Offering a luxe (if laid-back) introduction to vegetarian cuisine, plant-based pub Soul Tavern offers a poignant counterpoint to the more mainstream meat-manic menus of our city’s finest restaurants.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | January 17, 2018 | Lifestyle

It seems an impossible combination for the culturally-rich confines of our city: A restaurant providing not only toothsome pub-style plant-based food sure to fool even the most culinarily conscious carnivore, but detached from the pretentious spirit some such compassionately catered eateries evoke. Soaring right past the stigma some associate with a Pythagorean Diet comes Soul Tavern, a South Beach-based restaurant offering guilt-free comfort food with an admirable carbon footprint. Featuring a seriously psychedelic menu modeled around the traditional elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water and an enticing array of herbaceous and healthful Chinese elixirs, any adventurous eater with even a tinge of flower child would be remiss to not visit this undeniably delicious bastion of feel-good eats. Also equipped with a sizeable sake list;