Boardroom Buccaneer

Our choice of wristwatch says a lot about us. Urwerk’s latest creation, the EMC Pistol, is the perfect choice for even the most straight-laced among us who wish to display a streak of wild rebellion.
Text by Bill Lindsey | May 20, 2018 | Luxury

Combining an outrageously engraved casing with an exquisite crocodile strap, the EMC Pistol is one of the most unique timepieces to ever adorn a wrist. As expected, the movement is engineered to keep track of time. But while many watches are accurate, the EMC Pistol tells time with all the panache of Captain Jack Sparrow sashaying down the Black Pearl’s gangplank. Reminiscent of a Victorian Era dueling pistol, the casing houses a mechanical movement, a hand-cranked electric generator, a capacitor and a system to monitor efficiency. One dial indicates time, another runs seconds, the third reveals the status of the 80-hour power reserve while the fourth indicates the precision of the movement. In simple terms, the dial lets you know if you’re gaining or losing even a fraction of a second. If so, a small hidden handle allows the needed correction. Swaggering style with precision, a rare combination indeed;