Check out these tried but not trite tips on how to be successful at dealing with others within a business setting, and sticking to your goal path. Please and thank-you’s are indeed important, but if you bring into play understanding human dynamics — prepare to amaze!
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 22, 2018 | Lifestyle

Own It
Always walk into a scenario secure in your own skin. Self-esteem communicates that you have healthy boundaries, know where you’re going and realize your worth. Be graceful, stand up straight and make your movements purposeful.

Kindness Is Strength
You’re only as good as the project you’re presently working on. You worked on blah blah in 1999 — but what have you done in this decade? Be in the moment. Be respectful, willing to learn and collaborate, be curious and open-minded.

Prepare Spontaneity
In every human interaction, whether we like it or not, we’re selling ourselves. Prepare previous sound bites of what you bring to the table. Be rehearsed with what you are going to say, but organic with your delivery, as if you just thought of it in the moment.

Be Grateful
Express gratitude for your opportunities. Even if you had a crappy boss in the past, solely focus on the positive side of that experience, if ever asked to elaborate. Be thankful for the chances you receive in life, not everyone is as blessed as you.

Negative-Free Zone
Every day you have a choice to either see the world through the eyes of a pessimist or an optimist — make the right call. Positivity will open up many doors for you. When you switch your mind to the positive side, the energy exuded is like a success magnet.

Decline politely
If you don’t want something, simply refuse to accept it. For example, you get offered something that is not aligned with your dreams of becoming an author. Learn to say no. It’s a way to communicate your true path to the universe.