Big Appetites

When I sat down to finalize this month’s “Plates & Pours: Miami’s 50 Best Dishes, Drinks & Desserts” feature, I quickly realized our editors eat out way too much.
Text by Jorge Arauz, Editor in Chief. Photo by Mario Pascual | May 12, 2018 | Lifestyle

It’s not easy narrowing down the city’s thousands of dining and drinking options to a mere 50. Months of research and a year’s worth of cardio go into creating one of our most popular round-ups of the year. As a result, our cameras are filled with photos of drool-worthy appetizers, entrées, sides, desserts and specialty cocktails so pretty they should be served in a picture frame. Our minds spin with all the memories those gastronomic experiences yielded; and our tight-fitting clothes serve as a constant reminder that perhaps we overindulged just a tad. The goal of all this hard work, of course, is to present you a definitive dining guide to refer to throughout the year. Perhaps not all of the specific menu items we spotlighted appeal to you — whether because of dietary restrictions, personal preferences or the fact that you’re just not a dessert person. Don’t fret. We carefully curated this year’s “Plates & Pours” with a focus on venues that offer a broad enough menu that anyone can stop in for a bite or sip. I encourage you take our recommendations to heart and make it a point to go out and try as many of them as possible this year. Who knows? You might catch one of our editors out for seconds.