Best Self

Directing your thinking toward self-empowerment helps infuse everything you do with confidence and joy in simply being alive. These tips from Lifestyle Transformation Coach Inez Bracy will put it all within reach.
Tips by Inez Bracy | June 15, 2018 | Lifestyle

1. Right Thinking: Thoughts are the beginning of all things. Engage in activities that cause you to feel empowered. Do something you love!

2. Challenge Beliefs: Revaluate your beliefs. Beliefs gained over many years can keep you stuck. Purge ones that stop you from experiencing empowerment.

3. Find Values: Identify your values. All of the circumstances in your environment impact every area of your life. Determine if your values are congruent with your feeling empowered.

4. Take Action: Are you waiting for someone to grant you permission to be empowered? Take responsibility and move into action for creating your own empowerment.

5. Self Talk: Do you tell yourself that you desire and deserve to feel empowered? Whenever your self-talk turns to “I don’t deserve this”…immediately affirm “I deserve and desire to feel empowered.”

6. Purposeful Living: Using silence and planned mediation, allow your life’s purpose to wonderfully unfold before you. Discover the activities that make your heart sing and engage in them.

7. Be Honest: Be truthful with yourself as well as others. What lies are you telling yourself based on false assumptions? These lies undermine your self-empowerment.

8. New Frontiers: Seek out and embrace new experiences. Your mind is much like a rubber band. Once expanded, it never returns back to the original. Nothing sparks the feeling of being empowered like experiencing something new.

9. See It: Imagine awakening each day and jumping out of bed with so much joy that you feel as if you might burst wide open! Well you can, all you have to do is envision it.

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