Bespoke Bathing

Say the words “carbon fiber” and you’ve got an aficionado’s full attention. That’s no surprise, as this sleek material is used in supercars, aircraft and top-end sports equipment…and now tubs.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | December 27, 2018 | Luxury

Stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight, carbon fiber is this era’s magic material. The Alvarae La Biagiore Carbon Bathtub is designed to enthrall both men and women with its elevated bridge structure and futuristic curvaceous half-egg shape that adds to its space-age appeal. The tub looks like you’d have to reinforce your condo floor before you move it in, but that’s the beauty of carbon fiber: It’s heavyweight when it comes to making an architectural statement but light in actual poundage. The tub enhances the bathing experience with color-changing LED lights that allow owners to customize their soak with chromatherapy or simply choose a color that matches the décor. At $38,000, the standalone luxury bathtub is a masterpiece of style and function;