Bruce Wayne (and his alter ego Batman) is well known for his impeccable sense of style and an insistence on only the most reliable equipment. Now there is a timepiece that is ideally suited for both personas.
Text by Bill Lindsey | January 19, 2018 | Fashion


Romain-Jerome’s latest creation pays homage to Batman, America’s favorite homegrown superhero (Superman would today be classified as an “illegal alien”). This new design honoring Gotham City’s favorite son is a natural step for the watchmaker that previously created Pokemon and Super Mario-themed models. Based on R-J’s Skylab design, the matte black finish of The Batwatch perfectly matches the Batmobile, while the skeletonized dial allows a view of the inner workings. The rear sapphire crystal reveals a map of Gotham City while the Bat Signal appears on the front in low-light conditions or when the Dark Knight’s help is needed. Uniquely capable of being the perfect choice for movie night with Batgirl as well as a black-tie event and limited to a run of just 75 pieces, this watch is an ideal way to express your superhero tendencies;