Napa native Jameslyn Marcisz is beautiful, engaging...and, best of all, she’ll never spill your secrets (or a drink).
Text by David C. Cleland Photo by Antonio Eli | June 21, 2018 | People

Whenever I meet a new bartender, I like to know their story. A great way to do this is to reverse roles. So instead of unloading all my problems and worries onto their side of the bar, I purposely fish for theirs.
“So, Jameslyn,” I asked as I ordered my 3rd drink, “what’s your most uncomfortable memory bartending?”
She didn’t even flinch. “When I first started working here, I was really intimidated by the regulars — I was worried they wouldn’t like me,” she admits.
“So do they like you now?,” I ask.
Her answer was a modest “Well, I hope so!”
The truth is some customers like her so much that she often ends up with an earful of TMI from patrons who love to chat as they chug.
Interesting. “Any juicy stories?!!,” I ask.
I could tell by her reaction that I was headed nowhere quick.
“Ha! I see no evil, hear no evil, and definitely speak no evil — whatever happens at the bar, stays at the bar!”
Alright, Jameslyn, you got me.
If you want to grab a drink (or a bite) while serenading our featured bartender with memorable stories she won’t ever repeat, stop in and meet her in person during happy hour daily from 4:30 p.m.-7 p.m. @ The River Oyster Bar adjacent to Tobacco Road; 650 S. Miami Ave., 305.530.1915;
Just don’t save a seat next to you for your imaginary friend who we all know will never show up, she HATES that.