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Banco do Brasil Americas was born from a rich history. Their parent company is Banco do Brasil, the largest bank in asset size in Latin America, with 205 years of experience in financial services, and, as with anything, there’s no substitute for experience.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | June 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

In 1809, Banco do Brasil Americas’ parent company Banco do Brasil opened on the corner of Rua de Sao Pedro. Ten years later, Joao VI decreed construction of the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange and 9 years after its founding, Banco do Brasil’s shares were completed, capitalizing the bank with 1,200 contos do reis. Today, they are one of the best-known and valued brands in Brazil and setting off in a new direction with Banco do Brasil Americas. “Banco do Brasil Americas is a subsidiary of Banco do Brasil that offers a broad array of financial services and products including retail and business banking,” says President & CEO Antonio Cassio Segura. “For more than 200 years, Banco do Brasil has provided efficient, trustworthy banking to Latin America and the world.”
In Jan. 2012, Banco do Brasil expanded its model by acquiring Eurobank Florida and establishing Banco do Brasil Americas to create a solid, reliable presence in the U.S. market. There are presently 3 full-service branches in Miami, Pompano Beach and Boca Raton. What’s more, since Miami is “The Gateway To The Americas”, Banco do Brasil Americas designed their products and services to meet the needs of an international and global community. To start, they attend to their client base in the language of their choice: English, Spanish or Portuguese.
To further set themselves apart, Banco do Brasil Americas offers a full array of products and services with the personalized customer care you’d expect from a neighborhood bank, then they go several steps further. “In addition to our more traditional products and services, we have a mortgage product that’s specific to the needs of non-residents purchasing real estate in South Florida,” says Segura. Another important feature, this one for newcomers to the area, are the special credit card programs that will help build U.S. credit. They also offer connectivity to Brazil through free incoming transfers from Banco do Brasil SA and have a hold mail service to remove the worry about financial correspondence being lost or stolen in transit. Instead, they will keep your monthly statements and their documentation at the bank until you come get it.
There’s no doubt that their business model is working. In just one year, the bank has had a 283% increase in customers, 89% increase in loans, 1,260% increase in incoming wire transactions, they’ve issued 23,319 prepaid cards and launched a new credit card product. “The main goal of Banco do Brasil Americas is to meet and exceed the expectations of the local community,” says Segura. To that end, the bank offers solutions tailored to meet client needs, pride themselves on offering friendly and approachable customer service and price services fairly — all this because they’re interested in long-term relationships, rather than focusing on making an immediate sale.
Moreover, the bank has an extremely experienced team with knowledge in domestic and international markets. The executive management team averages more than 25 years of banking experience. Additionally, the company believes in working within an open-door environment, where team members can freely share suggestions and ideas. This strategy is conducive for high-level ideas to flourish. “When you put together our value proposition of outstanding personalized service, products designed to meet the specific needs of this global environment, and our long-term relationship focus, we feel we stand out above many of our competitors,” says Segura. “Our approach isn’t about the quick-and-hard sale. We truly want our clients to feel special, as though the recommended solutions are designed specifically to their individual needs.”
Unlike some financial institutions, Banco do Brasil Americas does not focus on a specific demographic. Their wide customer base includes business owners, individuals from the local and the Latin American community and, of course, Brazilians. Banco do Brasil Americas is committed to being a part of South Florida for the long-term. They have proven this commitment with significant investment, especially in education and the arts. The multicultural, multilingual team is equally committed to helping customers succeed as well.
Not content to simply rest on their outstanding initial success, Segura reports that future plans include expanding the branch presence to increase convenience for clients in the South Florida area. Following their strategy to provide solutions to the global citizens of this area, the bank is launching a prepaid card in 12 currencies, to support the daily needs of customers — whether they’re here in the U.S. or traveling abroad.
So what are some things Segura believes one should take into account when choosing a financial institution? He doesn’t hesitate with a response: A focus on long-term relationships and quality of service and the safety and soundness of the financial institution. “When it comes to the last item, it’s important to remember that Banco do Brasil Americas’ roots are more than 200 years deep from one of the safest and strongest banks globally,” emphasizes Segura. “We are proud to be a part of this community.”
Banco do Brasil Américas is located at 800 Brickell Ave., Ste. 103. For more information and to learn about the all the bank’s offerings, call 855.377.2555 or visit