Balance Boycott

How can you truly enjoy your work and family with no unnecessary pressure, worry or ovewhelm?
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | June 1, 2018 | Lifestyle

Savor that soccer game and each pirouette at the ballet recital? Enjoy that networking event and team meeting? And even get home feeling great about yourself? How amazing would that be? Boycott balance with these practical tips and start living on your terms. First, get over the guilt. It’s a useless emotion that gets you nowhere. Next, ditch that superhero cape because you don’t need to have super-powers to be super. What’s more, always say YES to love, support and offers for assistance; say NO to the things you can’t do or don’t want to do. Remember that saying NO to something means saying YES to you. Lastly, determine if the people in your life are energizing you or sucking the life out of you. Be grateful for what you have, and even for what you don’t have. Celebrate your wins — whether they’re big or small, it doesn’t matter. Define success on your terms. You’re doing the best you can, and that’s good enough!

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When life demands are busting at the seams, check in with yourself with these free and simple stress-easing strategies.

Priority Stressing
Just thinking of how you can accomplish all the tasks you have at hand can be quite overwhelming. Remember, life is about priorities so take a pause to create a to-do list and assign priorities to each item. If it’s low priority, don’t let it cause high-stress.



Patient Pause
Close your eyes and take a few long breathes counting to 3 on each inhale and 3 on each exhale. Each time you breathe in and out, it helps quiet your mind and bring you back to center. You can use this simple trick just about anywhere, just not in traffic.



City Stroll
Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to change your mindset and refocus. Make a date with nature and take a stroll in the park, kayak in the bay or hit the trails on your bike.