Baked Goodness

Ah, the holiday season, that magical time where we gather together around hearth and home with loved ones to celebrate and share our joys. This year the baked goods you treat your family and friends to can be mindful indulgences.
Text by Natasha Albornoz | June 9, 2018 | Lifestyle

Ginny Simon’s passion for home-baked goods stems from her desire to have an ambiance in her house of people around the kitchen, conversing over food. She dreamt of having her own family so that she could create this environment, and now that the very busy mother of 4 has fulfilled that dream, the next natural step is to have others enjoy it as well. That’s where her company, GinnyBakes, comes in. From nut & fruit bars and bake mixes to fresh-baked cookies for those on-the-go, GinnyBakes has a full array of healthy treats to satisfy any sweet tooth. Free of preservatives, chemicals and refined sugars, all products are gluten-free. Although her family and staff are begging her to hold off on anything new, it’s hard for Ginny to promise that since she loves creating new items. In the meantime, she’s focused on growing the business all the while giggling and loving every step;