Baggage Blunders

Whether traveling for work or play, your luggage is not something that you want to lose along the way. Be sure to pack one of these in your bag to ensure a drama-free arrival of your goods.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | May 29, 2018 | Lifestyle

Hallelujah! You’ve finally arrived at your final destination ready for a much-needed escape. You head down to baggage claim and watch the luggage slowly glide by until the belt comes to a stop. Your heart quickly sinks and you feverishly scout the area until you realize your bag is nowhere in sight. It’s gone. Bye-bye. Caput. With Trakdot on board, there’s no need to panic. You’ll never have to worry about shedding any unwanted tears over lost or delayed bags. This little gadget uses cellular technology to track and report the location of your bag so that it’s safely returned without a hitch;

Once you survive the security checkpoint, what happens next is up in the air. Here are a couple of things you might not be aware of that happen behind the scenes at an airport near you.
Text by Kaya Baez

Sit Back
A recent study found that sitting near the tail-end of a plane gives passengers up to a 40% higher chance of surviving a crash. Yeah, it takes you forever to board and disembark, but those tiny inconveniences will mean nothing if you’re still ticking after it’s all said and done. Added bonus: You get to ask the stewards back there for extra pretzels as you’re plummeting down into the great unknown. So much for First Class.

You waited for hours by the luggage carousel…you’re eyes following the progression to and fro…nope, not that one…not that one, either…uh-oh. Now what? If you’re lucky, the airline will find it and you’ll get your stuff before week’s end. But what if your bag never makes it back into your arms? Well, it could end up at the National Unclaimed Baggage Center (yeah, it’s a real place) in Scottsboro to be sold to the public at flea market prices.

Chances are those cozy blankets you get to keep warm on flights haven’t been washed since the first round of fliers opened them up during the inaugural take-off of the day. And those trays you like to spread your snacks on or rest your tired little head upon? Yeah, that’s an unofficial baby-changing station for some passengers. So bring the hand sanitizer and some extra napkins to steer clear of all those extra nasty in-flight ickies.