Aviation Style

Embraer designs the kind of luxuriously appointed private jets that frequently eclipse even the most opulent First Class cabin. Their Paradigma Chair brings that aesthetic into the home and office. 
Words by Stacy Wynn | September 28, 2020 | Lifestyle

While flights were temporarily grounded do to the pandemic, the Embraer team turned their attention Earthward, unveiling the Paradigma Chair — an office chair designed to bring jet aesthetics into everyday life. If you think you see some Eames Lounge Chair DNA in the Paradigma’s floating design and curved wood shell covered with veneer, you’d be correct. However, this veneer hides a modern trick: through its thin veneer base, users can access a series of capacitive haptic touch switches on the side to adjust the positioning of the seat. This out-of-this-world chair moves and rotates freely, with height adjustment allowing the seat base to move up and down along the spine to accommodate different heights. Now if only all chairs, whether intended for terra firm or designed for flight, offered this degree of comfort we would all be sitting in style;