Aussie Touch

Masterminding a bold and breezy brand that perfectly complements our city’s climes, Designer Nicky Zimmermann sat down to give us the 411 on the latest look to take the Magic City by storm.
Text by Hugh Marchand | May 10, 2018 | Fashion

Sensually settling a sophisticated air over notes already inherent in the Miami clothing culture, it may seem odd to laymen that the look destined to reinvigorate our Spring/Summer lines would be born halfway across the world in Australia. But it’s precisely in that peerless pervasiveness one discovers the genius of Designer Nicky Zimmermann. “[Our brand] has always been about a relaxed femininity,” she says. “We offer an air of freshness and light and optimism…[I’m] drawn to creating detail that is both new and surprising.” Already inflecting a number of notable retailers in our area and soon to open a dedicated boutique in Bal Harbour, we anticipate seeing more and more of Zimmermann’s colorful creations dotting the streets and baysides of our city;