Audio Craftsmanship

Don’t have space for an entertainment room in your compact condo? With the futuristic Sonic Chair you can have an entire concert hall sitting with you as you enjoy the ultimate A/V experience.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 8, 2018 | Luxury

The eye-catching Sonic Chair is the ultimate piece of home audio equipment with its carefully integrated satellite speakers that are precisely adapted to the user’s ears, offering the absolute tonal spectrum of audible sound, including structure-borne waves. The specially designed body, acoustically shaped like a musical instrument, cocoons the listener in breathtaking volume and powerful bass tones, while the body-focused sound membrane at the rear functions as a backrest and enhances lower frequencies. In other words, the system allows you to hear your favorite music perfectly or experience movies as if you were on the set. A sleek stainless steel folding arm allows for easy mounting of smart electronics and monitors. Connect your tablet or laptop to create an alternative workplace. Can’t hire your favorite band to play for you? This acoustic island “beams” you into live performances. Even the best loudspeakers cannot produce the experience of being inside this chair of the future;