Attentive Care

At Ahimsa MD, Dr. Simoni Baid takes the time to get to know All of her patients and their habits and ailments to customize an effective and personalized treatment plan.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | June 23, 2023 | People

Firmly believing that there is no one-size-fits-all pill, Dr. Simoni Baid understands each patient requires their own unique solution. “My medical training is in Allopathic (Western) Medicine,” she says. “I find it amazing in an urgent healthcare situation when critical care or surgery is needed, but for everything outside the hospital, particularly primary care, Allopathic Medicine fails us.” She, instead, takes a whole-body approach. For her adult patients, she has done some amazing things with diet alone. “I once treated a man who had horrible heartburn for years, relying on Nexium every day…today, he takes no meds,” she says. “A woman with chronic urticaria, a disease where you break out in hives all over your body, needed Zyrtec every single day for several years, and a month after joining my practice, she no longer requires it. I’ve gotten a woman with PCOS to have regular periods again, with no medications at all. I have treated ear infections without antibiotics.” She gains immense fulfillment from her practice, which she feels most primary care providers in today’s fast-paced medical environment cannot say about their work;