Art Life

Patricia Hanna has her dream job managing The Related Group’s stellar corporate art collection, commissioning site-specific artwork for their development projects, and overseeing the renowned Jorge M. Perez Collection and the company’s philanthropic efforts as they relate to art and culture.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | November 29, 2018 | People

“My idea of a large painting was very different before coming to The Related Group. Instead of referring to centimeters, inches or even feet, now we talk about how many stories we of a building we need to cover!”

Art is an essential part of The Related Group’s corporate philosophy. They want residents of Related buildings to live with it, get to know it, enjoy it, talk about it. There is art in the common areas of every single one of their projects across every division: condo, multifamily rentals and urban. “Not every developer can say that,” says Patricia Hanna, Art Director for The Related Group. “I’m a Miami native and I take great pride in knowing the impact that I’m making within my very own community. As developers, we are not only impacting the city’s skyline, but also its cultural landscape. Our approach to art allows for the placement of public art throughout the city and it affords us the opportunity to invite artists and curators to activate spaces, making Miami a cultural hub.” 

Patricia Hanna grew up in a family that loved to travel and visit museums. After she took an art history class in college, she was hooked. “I have always had a love for history and there’s something so fascinating about being able to study history, politics, economics, geography and sociology — all through the lens of an artist,” she says. “I also love anything that relates to the ocean — the beach, watersports, fishing, etc. Along with my husband and two daughters, we are on a mission to visit as many national parks in the country as we can.” The Related Group recently purchased a warehouse for the purpose of storing and viewing their art collection. “I’m looking forward to having our own space to be able to install large-scale artworks,” she says. “And to have a place where our artists can live and work while in Miami.”;