It takes a special kind of fanaticism to devote one’s life to something like classic cars. And it takes a certain set of smarts to make money doing it. Palm Beach Classics has both in spades.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 15, 2018 | People

Passion is rare in this jaded generation, and in an epoch where innovation is viewed as an ultimate good, passion for those things deemed bygone is rarer still. What point is there in owning a certified classic car when one could lease the latest Lexus? And where’s the start button in this thing anyway?!? A cursory glance at the expansive stock offered by the vintage car aficionados at Palm Beach Classics offers a wholesome counterpoint to our modern outlook. Founder Sydney Vallon and the rest of his expert team remind us that the ownership and upkeep of a beautifully engineered vehicle has always been much more than a chore — it’s a bonafide labor of love, a privilege as opposed to a costly onus. It’s with this belief that Palm Beach Classics has blossomed from a child’s dream of a classical car collection to a world-class restoration facility and sales center with an impeccable reputation. Specializing in Mercedes-Benz, the company offers a vast range of services, including full mechanical overhaul, full and partial restoration, paint, upholstery, woodwork and chrome plating. To Palm Beach Classics, no job is too small and no restoration too large. Interested in purchasing a refurbished classic, or have a broken Benz beater in the garage? Don’t fret: These guys have you covered; (561) MERCEDES;