Anti-Oxidant Power

Back in 2012, Brad Pitt partnered with The Perrin Family to craft divine wines at his Château Miraval. Ten years and much research into grape antioxidants later, they’ve announced their Le Domaine skincare line.
Words by Zelda Grant | December 24, 2022 | Lifestyle

Brad Pitt wants to see everyone age gracefully. His Le Domaine unisex skincare line is derived of science and terroir to naturally and holistically slow down skin aging. It combines the work of Professor Nicolas Lévy, a world expert on human aging, and the research of Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre at the University of Bordeaux to identify the most potent antioxidants found in grapes. The resulting GSM10 compound uses ingredients that have a 100% traceable origin to the Vallée du Rhône and are eco-extracted by natural means, directly on the land by the family who has cultivated it for 5 generations. This results in a standard of efficacy that is unique in the industry, with placebo-controlled clinical trials for the highest levels of accuracy — and, of course, beautiful skin;