Animal Instincts

Years ago, when we began the tradition of dedicating our March issue to rescues and the humans who love them, anyone who knows our team was not surprised.
Words by Jorge Arauz | February 23, 2023 | Lifestyle
Jorge Arauz
Jorge Arauz

The majority of us have owned rescues for most of our lives, regularly supporting the missions of rescue organizations throughout South Florida and beyond. We spring into action whenever there’s a rescue in need, we dig deep when there’s money to be raised, we aim to inspire others to give their time, talent and treasure to causes that prioritize the lives of our furry friends. Animal causes form the best — and often only — line of defense for animals that have nowhere else to turn. An army of devoted administrators and volunteers provide food, shelter, medical care and human affection to countless dogs, cats and exotic pets each year. Next time cute little puppy-dog eyes pop up on your newsfeed or you come across a stray in need on the street, don’t hesitate — just follow your heart.