An RSVP Away

The other day our Associate Publisher Tracy Koço and I headed to a “Taste Of British Cuisine” with Award-Winning English Chef Justin Brown at Aston Martin Residences.
Words by Jorge Arauz | February 28, 2020 | Lifestyle

The champagne was flowing, delicious aromas from the kitchen filled the air and camera flashes complemented the breathtaking Brickell view. One of the people we met that afternoon pulled up an email on her phone that I had sent way back in 2008. We had communicated through cyberspace for over a decade but had never met in person! We talked about how the inaugural issue of Brickell Magazine helped dub the area “The Manhattan of the South” and the “Wall Street of the South.” We reminisced about how Perricone’s was at one time the only place to see and be seen in town and how incredible the rapid evolution of the neighborhood has been in recent years. We hugged, took a selfie and vowed to stay in touch and get together again real soon. That’s the kind of magic that can only happen IRL. And that next great connection (or re-connection!) is just an RSVP away.