All Around Us

Our surroundings serve as the backdrop to the stage of our lives, and they play a massive role in how we feel and what we do.
Words by Jorge Arauz | October 26, 2023 | Lifestyle

A cluttered, messy living space can make us feel stressed, unorganized and unmotivated. A tidy home full of things that spark joy makes us motivated and at peace. But it’s not just our physical spaces that affect our mood and perspective. The people we socialize with, our friends, family, neighbors and coworkers, they’re also a big part of our surroundings. They influence our beliefs, values and behavior. Positive, supportive people can boost our self-esteem and encourage us to reach for our goals, while negative, toxic relationships have the opposite effect. The natural wonders around us are just as important. The sky, the sea, wide open green spaces and even our pets are crucial for our overall well-being and quality of life. Next time you find yourself in an emotional or spiritual rut, move some things around in your living spaces, make plans with people who make you smile and get out and explore everything the world has to offer. It might not only make your day, it could change your life.