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Aesthetic Athletics

A passionate perusal of art’s intersection with the great game of soccer, PAMM’s exhilarating exhibition The World’s Game: Futbol & Contemporary Art tackles two of Miami most beloved subjects.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | Photos courtesy of PAMM | June 27, 2018 | Culture & Art

The shout of victory. The crush of defeat. The breathless anticipation of a full field drive and the relief found only in a particularly perilous save. Known intimately by fútbol fans across the world, the sensual thrills once thought only to be found on the world’s finest fields is now available in stunning technicolor clarity at our very own PAMM. Cataloguing the work of some of the world’s finest contemporary artists as they tackle this peculiarly popular pastime, The World’s Game features over 50 mixed-media works of art by 30 landmark auteurs (including, but certainly not limited to, Andy Warhol, Melanie Smith and celebrated South African provocateur Robin Rhodes). Tantalizingly timed to overlap the 2018 World Cup, PAMM Director Franklin Sirmans sees this exhibition as being ideal for our region’s naturally diverse array of art admirers. “Miami is an international polyglot city, just like the quadrennial event of the World Cup, and there’s a widespread passion for fútbol in South Florida that is vibrantly palpable,” he says. “Hopefully, people who love the game will come and discover they actually really enjoy art. And, hopefully, people who love art will realize that they actually find themselves enjoying the sport!” A true win-win;