Academic Advantage

Miami is becoming an international tech and business hotspot as more and more hedge funds and tech companies are moving their headquarters here — and Miami Herbert Business School is at the center of it all.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | March 26, 2021 | Lifestyle

The mission of Miami Herbert Business School is to develop innovative ideas and principled leaders that transform global business and society. Well before the pandemic made Zoom a household word, they offered a notable lecture series that attracted CEOs and industry leaders from around the world. For many, the unprecedented shift from in-person to virtual was a challenge, but Miami Herbert Business School embraced it as an opportunity for innovation and growth. With travel, costs and language barriers mostly eliminated, the lecture series is experiencing a surge in its registrants and in its global reach. Pre-COVID, the lecture series would draw about 250 people from the Miami area, but now, in the virtual space, it’s averaging 1,000 registrants from more than 30 countries. Additionally, the school recently partnered with 2U, Inc., to offer a fintech bootcamp. They’re also leading the way in business sustainability with an MS in Sustainable Business program. In 2019, Miami Herbert Business School established this program to fulfill an emerging need for professionals who understand how business can positively impact stakeholders. The program shows, in theory and practice, how companies can profit from solving pressing environmental and social problems. The school also infuses sustainability throughout their programs. It’s all part of their goal of setting a new standard for business education;