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A Signature Collection

Love for beauty and passion for excellence defines the architectural craftsmanship of the Penthouse homes at Aston Martin Residences.
Words by Yoshi Sanz | Photos by c/o Aston Martin Residences | December 28, 2021 | Design & Real Estate

When Germán Coto, CEO of global property developer G&G Business Developments in Miami, purchased the last parcel of waterfront land in Downtown Miami, he envisaged building a monumental masterpiece that would redefine the city’s skyline forever. His vision for a magnificent tower required a partner with unmistakable global appeal in the world of luxury, a partner who would complement his love for beauty and passion for excellence. The approach made by Coto and his team to one of Britain’s most admired automotive brands was met with unprecedented success, after more than a year of courting the senior management team at Aston Martin in the UK. The result was a celebrated partnership that would grow the first residential real estate development in the world by the British auto manufacturer and the developer.

Five years after this unique alliance was formed, the construction of Aston Martin Residences Miami reaches its topping-out of the 66-story building that has become the tallest residential development south of New York. A combination of the world’s best minds from G&G, the Aston Martin Design Team and architects from Bodas Miani Anger and Revuelta Architecture, has brought to life a building with Aston Martin’s DNA and the automaker’s excellence in British craftsmanship running through its bones of steel — from the foundation to its pinnacle above the clouds.

After more than a century of defining timeless elegance and automotive luxury, Aston Martin is translating its precision engineering and design innovation into 391 homes that will bring unparalleled comfort and opulence to the owners of Aston Martin Residences. The Signature Collection of 7 penthouses and Line 01 ocean-facing residences is a personal invitation to the ultimate members-only community with exclusivity at its core. Contemporary architecture blends with art and design throughout the magnificent sail-shaped luxury development. The elegant homes are harmonious inside, with uninterrupted views of the ocean and Biscayne Bay.

Signature Collection owners will enjoy an array of privileges, including a dedicated butler service and priority access to the Aston Martin Residences private superyacht marina. Additionally, the Art Gallery located on the 52nd Floor will create a secluded space for residents to appreciate an ever-changing canvas of contemporary art. “I’m delighted to present the Signature Collection of penthouses and residences,” says Coto. “They’re the pinnacle of luxury and elegance, style and beauty, and the result of an inspirational collaboration between our architects and the Aston Martin Design Team. In this, our first residential development, the interiors are inspired by Aston Martin, but take into consideration Miami’s tropical environment. Our design language is based on beauty and the honesty and authenticity of materials. It’s simple and pure and it has an elegance attached to beautiful proportions. We are incorporating Aston Martin’s DNA through subtle details and fine craftsmanship, with an emphasis on comfort. This building is for people who appreciate the finest quality and craftsmanship, who love the feeling of something that is timeless.”

At Aston Martin Residences, beauty, authenticity and honesty of materials are fundamental to the integrity of the development. This design philosophy is particularly relevant to the Signature Collection of penthouses.

From the Emerald Island, the jewel of the North Aegean Islands to the turquoise Miami River, the finest Thassos marble will journey from Greece across the Atlantic Ocean to its new home at Aston Martin Residences in Miami. As the favorite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects, marble has become an icon of culture, tradition and refined taste. Aston Martin Residences has a polished and elegant design aesthetic, so the world’s finest marble with unbeatable clarity, beauty and durability has been specified for the floors of the residences and penthouses. Around 1,400,000 sq. ft. of snow-white marble of extraordinary quality from Thassos was hand-selected, as its characteristics perfectly suit those of the Aston Martin Residences. When residents enter their home, they will be welcomed by a serene haven with a bright and airy aesthetic, enveloped by the feeling of timeless elegance and beauty. “I enjoy the sense of calmness the materials bring to any room,” says Coto. “It’s essential for me that the visual impact, both inside and out, epitomizes contemporary design.”

What’s more, the Signature Collection is complemented by a specially-commissioned bespoke Aston Martin DB11 Coupe or DBX Riverwalk Edition, which will enhance the Aston Martin lifestyle for homeowners. Residents will be able to relax and unwind within 42,275 sq. ft. of outstanding Sky Amenities spanning four levels, connected by a monumental glass staircase between the building’s 52nd and 55th Floors. With an architectural design that pays homage to the instantly identifiable, sleek lines of its motorcars, Aston Martin envisioned a structure that perfectly captures the spirit of excitement and graceful beauty for which it is world-famous. 

Now at 80% sold, Aston Martin Residences Miami is well on its way to completion at the end of next year;