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A Monument Raised

A special treat selected solely for devoted history buffs, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens (pictured in 1915, a scant year after initial construction) is a nearly unparalleled effort this far south of the Mason-Dixon on the parts of Chicago Industrial Executive & Antiquarian James Deering, Project Director Paul Chalfin, Architect F. Burrall Hoffman and Garden Designer Diego Suarez.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 8, 2018 | Culture & Art

This herculean hunk of edificial haute couture is notable not only for its almost over-embellished elegance but for a Mediterranean mystique that has inflected the taste and tone of Miami architecture for over a century. Sitting on what was once a thick span of mangroves and dense tropical forestry, the winter residence occupied by Deering from 1916-1925 is now host to a fittingly diverse number of artistic and cultural programs, ranging from installations, special events, family-friendly experiences and educational adventures. This is one mainstay landmark not even Irma could faze;