A Legend Reborn

The 7th Generation Chevy Corvette is undeniably the best ever. A true supercar in all regards except for its price, it combines a great interior with the ability to exceed the best efforts of many Italian and German supercars.
Text by Bill Lindsey | June 9, 2018 | Luxury

Back in the 1960s, the Corvette Stingray was the automotive embodiment of a high school crush: gorgeous, sleek and reeking of forbidden pleasures. Much like that puppy love, it quickly lost much of its appeal, due primarily to cheesy plastic interiors and the inability to quickly navigate corners other than sideways. But now the Stingray is back, completely re-engineered to deliver a supercar experience. Despite a rump transplanted from a Camaro, the new 2014 Stingray is a stunner both inside and out. A massive 460hp V8 linked to a 7-speed transmission with active rev matching ability is managed by Magnetic Ride Control and a 5-mode driver system, enabling drivers to experience as much of the car’s amazing capabilities as their need for an adrenaline rush will allow. Blasting to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds yet sedate enough for use as a grocery-getter, the new Stingray is the best of all possible worlds;