A Dog’s Life

Feel guilty leaving your beloved pooch at home while you enjoy your vacation? Treat them to an exciting getaway of their own while you’re gone with Dog Vacay.

Finding the right place for your pet when you’re traveling can be a nightmare. Imposing on friends or family can wear thin quickly, while the chaos of a kennel can set back hard-won training or leave your pet feeling lost in the shuffle. With Dog Vacay, pet owners finally have an alternative. For half the cost of kenneling your pup, you can place him with a local pet-lover who will care for him while you’re away. The service is like an animal version of the popular AirBNB, which arranges for homeowners to house visitors to their area. Miami pet lovers get extra cash for doing what they already enjoy — caring for animals — while travelers can relax while away knowing that their dogs are happy and comfortable. All pet-sitters are screened, and you can search for a spot for your pooch based on an array of amenities;