305 Love

Whenever I tell someone that I’m a Miami native, I usually get the same stare of awe. I’ve seen “The 305” literally grow right before my eyes.

I spent most of my childhood by the beach between Miami Beach (The Last Resort!), Key Biscayne (El Farito!) and Sunny Isles (Motel Row!); I learned to drive in Wynwood before the warehouses were turned into massive murals; I completed my first internship in Brickell when the only restaurant in the neighborhood was Perricone’s (recently relocated to Coral Way!); and my wife and I bought our first home on the mainland right off Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. Year after year, there are less and less of us — but the few of us who remain “305’ers for life” know the ins-and-outs of the city like you wouldn’t believe. We are the first to hear of new projects on the horizon; the first to be invited to try the latest restaurants and experience the hottest happenings around town; the first to meet with new elected officials to share our ideas for the future of our city; and the first to welcome new residents into our Magic City with open arms. We are, in essence, “VIPs” for life. As Miami continues to amp up its presence on the global map, let us all take a second and thank our sunny heavens that fate has led us to this ever-evolving magic metropolis by the sea. No matter where we end up in this increasingly globalized world, we must always remember where we came from, and more importantly, where we are headed together.