Editor’s Memo

YOU WIN…OK…so after tons of feedback from you, we decided against “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE” and instead opted for a more professional “DRESSED FOR SUCCESS”gatefold cover. Good idea!!! At the end of the day, the 10 professionals on our cover are still beautiful in their own way, and their keen fashion sense only augments that fact.

I hope you learn a little something from each of them as you read through their profiles and get to know the men and women that carry those designer duds so effortlessly.

When you’re done flipping though this issue, take a moment to think of ways you could be featured on our pages! We’ve created this magazine to fit every possible story angle so that you have the opportunity to show the world why your story deserves to be told on our pages. Don’t Be Shy! To speak or meet, call me on my cell at 305.401.3232. Till then, stay SUCCESSFUL, SAVVY & STRONG …

Jorge Arauz, Editor-in-Chief