Beast Feast

The farm-to-table eating trend has increased awareness of one of the coolest ways to stock up on meat from grass-fed and open pasture animals: ordering them whole direct from the ranch.

Farm-to-table and nose-to-tail are just two of the buzzword food trends we’ve been hearing much about over the last few years. But experiencing this sort of quality cuisine doesn’t have to mean going to a restaurant — you might just need to invest in a deep freezer. Many Florida farms and ranches sell their pigs and cows by the whole or half animal, enabling you to get a range of cuts (some you may have never tried) of high-quality, humanely raised meat for a very reasonable price. At 4 Arrows Ranch in Citra, Florida, for example, Owner Lee Windham and his staff raise Grass-Fed Aberdeen Angus Beef and Pastured Berkshire Pork on 810 organic acres. Windham dry-ages his beef and finishes many of his Berkshire hogs on acorns;