You're Worth It. Not sure if you’re getting paid the right amount for a job well done? If you’re an entrepreneur, the fine line between nickel & diming and demanding more from your clients can put you in quite the predicament. Not sure where to start? You can begin by asking yourself: “What am I really worth?”. Featuring Tonya Rineer, Dr. William Benson, Dan Nainan, Scott

Happy Go Lucky. …it depends on who you ask. If you’ve ever wondered what the true meaning of happiness is, you’re not alone. Turns out the answer is far more complicated than most of us could ever imagine — yet much easier to accomplish than we think. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: University of Minnesota, Princeton study by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, Northwest

Where The World Meets. The old world melds with the new as the Mediterranean sways in the backdrop and history peeks around every corner with a burning desire to explore Tel Aviv. Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion Airport, Namal Port, Jaffa, Hilton Beach, Maravi Beach, Bograshov Beach, Banana Beach, Neve Tzedek, Lev Hair District, Hotel Montefiore, Nah

Dream Job Believin'. When you’re locked in to the doldrums of drudge work day in and day out, the energy and focus to take the first step toward realizing your dream job can seem particularly daunting. It’s time to start thinking about getting the job you’ve always wanted — and getting paid for it. Text by Ryan Jarrell.

Bar Tab. The Magic City’s drink scene is heating up with Roy A. Roig’s sipworthy creations at Trust & Co. in Coral Gables that perfectly please with every pour. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Photos by Edward Leal. Featuring: Trust & Co, Roy A. Roig, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z.

Successory. Even the diehard gold Rolex-wearing traditionalists will have a tough time not tossing their beloved perpetual self-winding movement aside and finally embracing smartwatch technology when they get a good look at the Brikk Lux Omni 18k Gold Apple Watch! Featuring: Rolex, Brikk Lux Omni 18k Gold Apple Watch and Zero Halliburton Case with carbon fiber and suede leather i

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