Why relegate art solely to pastels, photographs and pewter statuettes? Collected below are some one-of-a-kind chair choices worthy of the highest artistic accolades. Text by Ryan Jarrell Images Courtesy of Respective Designers Featuring: Spring Seasonal Embroidery Chair by Poltrona Frau Group, Why Knot Collection by Kino Guerin, The Torus by Reid Eric Anderson, Swallowtail Chair by Bon, Balance Order Nature, Inc., and Confluences Sofa by Ligne Roset Miami.

Universal Creativity

With The Other Dimension, Cuban-born Miami Artist Antuan Rodriquez addresses the ongoing human quest for universal communication through forms, symbols and codes. Text by Sandy Lindsey Photos by Johnny Arráiz Featuring: Antuan Rodriguez, The Other Dimension, the Museum Of Contemporary Art North Miami, Art Basel, Infinity, Renaissance and Ankh.

Power Sip

Show off your creative side with this multi-tone spiked tropical smoothie that’s as healthy (and buzz-inducing) as it is delicious. Drink by Anja Maltav Featuring: Zacapa Rum


It’s important for all 5 senses to be stimulated while enjoying a fine meal. Below are some simple tips for taking in your cuisine with your eyeballs first before your mouth even has a chance to water. Text by Ryan Jarrell Featuring: Chef Cesar Zapata of Little River’s Phuc Yea Vietnamese restaurant, World-famous Chef Henry Hane of Bachour Bakery & Bistro in Brickel and Small-plate savant Chef Jose Mendin of Pubbelly.


In the tradition of Art Basel, here’s a miniature manual to make sure your drinks look as good as they taste — no matter what the occasion. Text by Ryan Jarrell

Bar Tab

Drop by The Commonwealth and feel like a local as you quench your thirst with an array of whiskeys, hardto- find craft beers and hand-crafted cocktails served up by flavor artist Bradley Gorman and his crew of cocktail hawkers. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila, Photos Courtesy of Edward Leal Featuring: The Commonwealth, Bradley Gorman, Angostura Aromatic Bitters and George Dickel No.8 Whiskey.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, announcements, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida for December 2016! Featuring: The History Miami Icons Of The Bay Tour, Wynwood Yard’s Raddest Craft Fair: Holiday Edition, Adrienne Arsht Center’s Pokemon: Symphonic Evolution, and Barbra Streisand, American Airlines Arena, The Nutcracker, InterContinental Miami’s mySpa, Hair By Hisham, 2016 Capital One Orange Bowl, Pinta Miami, Surreal Shopping InterContinental Miami’s Shade Boutique, Eugenio Figueroa & Katrin Steffen, Toda Percepcion Es Una Interpretacion: You Are Part Of It, CIFO, Pitbull Cuba, Capritouch, The Jorge M. Sori Fine Art Gallery in Coral Gables, MG Developer Miami, Beatrice Row and Foss Marai Grand Brut Roos.

Encounters @ Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell City Centre

Brickell City Centre’s opening included an evening of events including the Saks Fifth Avenue preview and a series of musical performances, tours and announcements. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Alex & Rhina Rubio, Ramona & Carlos Messore 2. Daniel Guerra, Jenny Ducre, Alirio Torrealba 3. Mayi De La Vega, Lian Oteiza, Maile Aguila 4. Maria Saavedra, Konrad Janus, Tracy Koço 5. Stephen Owens, Albina Nova, Federico Teran

Encounters w/ Foss Marai

Ximena Fuentes’ heralded Miami Book Of The Dead was celebrated with a special cheers from Foss Marai at Neushop in Downtown Miami. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Adriana Santiago, Daniela Pardo, Asia Jencquel 2. David De Palma Alexandra Paschalides, Alegria Beracasa, Borga Blond 3. Aky Fernandez, Joshua Durkee 4. Alberto Montenegro, Romina Palmisano 5. Ana Maria Pietri, Kika Alcega 6. Andres Vicentini, Claudia Angrisano 7. Mercedes Puentes, Ingrid Barrera 8. Karla Gomez, Rolando Pena 9. Ximena Fuentes, Nicolas Delgado 10. Christopher Smuts, Andrea Lucia Prado

Encounters w/ PAWS

The Four Seasons Fort Lauderdale recently partnered with the Humane Society of Broward County + PAWS for a special event to help raise awareness and funds for the animals of South Florida. 1. Jamie Profant, Ronni Ostrander, Susan Scheid, Susan Sears, Kathy Tricomi w/ Friend 2. Joyce Gato, Iliana De La Torre, Mallorie Smith, Brandon Zarco 3. Julie Strauch, Mary Kazeres, Karola U. Woodworth, Suzie Smith 4. Dawn & Peter Dellapina 5. Brian & Kathy Greenberg 6. Dawn Dellapina, Iliana De La Torre, Christy Gumberg, Joyce Gato, Charlotte Maietto2 7. Christopher Agostino, Matt Katz 8. Maria & Greg Levine 9. Susan Greaton, Jonelle Milton

Encounters @ Brickell Cit y Centre

Brickell City Centre hosted a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting with Swire President Steven Owens joined by Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado and Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez to do the honors. 1. Ribbon-Cutting Crew including Debora Overholt, Stephen Owens, Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Francis Suarez, Mark Metrick & Bernardo Fort Brescia 2. Megan Haddad, Yossi Bibas, Jason Binn 3. Bernardo Fort Brescia, Laurinda Spears, Kieran Bowers 4. Tara Solomon, Stephen Owens 5. Bernardo Fort Brescia, Guy Bradley, Stephen Owens, Mayor Tomás Regalado 6. Daniel & Mayi De La Vega, Maile Aguila, Kieran Bowers

Encounters w/ ICU Baby

ICU Baby hosted a special happy hour at Conrad Hotel to support families with a critically ill newborn in our community’s Neonatal Intensive Care Units. 1. Sofia Holtzman, Elizabeth Simonton, Nichole Aldrich, Ani Buraglia, Leah Jayanetti 2. Lisa Wanderer, Lauren Barrington, Jennifer Withers, Leah Jayanetti 3. Lori Spodak, Katie Nullman, Elizabeth Simonton 4. Carolina Mazuera, Maria Valdivieso De Uster, Paulina Flores, Patricia Longman, Elizabeth Pesante 5. Antonio Lauria, Cristina Cappelletti, Magally Damiani, Claudia Heredia, Paula Perez, Iliana Fernandez 6. Kathryn DeVane Hamilton, Gavin O’Neil 7. Meche Perez-Phelan, Alejandro Perez Duque 8. Lori & Brett Spodak 9. Rima Macionyte, Harry Baxter 10. Elizabeth Simonton, Nichole Aldrich

Encounters @ Brickell Cit y Centre

Amid construction workers putting on the finishing touches to Brickell City Centre, VIP guests were welcomed for an exclusive first look tour of Miami’s latest shopping mecca. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Estrellita S. Sibila, Jorge Arauz, Tracy Koço, Alexander Avila 2. Farris Bukhari, Ron Mann 3. Danielle Montana, Nick D’Annunzio, Abbey Nayor 4. Elaine Mills, Scott Kitchen, Sherri Gutierrez 5. Jessica Burks, Rosi Garibay, Mariolga Calderon 6. Kieran Bowers, Danie Gomez Ortigoza, 7. Priscilla Burgos, Lennie Gomez 8. Liana Lozada, Andres Larin 9. Maile Aguila, Tathiana Rosado 10. Mariolga Calderon, Raquel Gorny 11. Victoria Cervantes, Amanda Harris 12 . Rich Lopez, Ron Mann

Encounters @ Studio Becker

Bespoke cabinetry and architectural millwork leader Studio Becker invited guests to celebrate the launch of their new showroom in Coral Gables. — Photos by Betty Alvarez 1. Laura Tenzijthoff, Eric Follmer 2. Anabel Rodriguez, Carolina De Cespedes 3. Frank & Ceci Rosell 4. Cesar & Vivan Llano, Cristy & Teo Rosell

Encounters w/ Boys & Girls Clubs

The 10th Annual Wild About Kids Gala benefitting Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade welcomed guests to The Ritz- Carlton Key Biscayne. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Raul Rodriguez, Lisa & Judy Kramer, Maria Rachadell, Robert Kramer 2. Alexandra Alfonso, Guillermo Gibbon, Sofia Delgado 3. Jose & Cecilia Sosa 4. Vanessa Beltran, Karting Lopez, Yulia Myan 5. Tomislav Mandakovic, Olga Guillarte

Encounters w/ Biltmore Parc

Biltmore Parc and MG Developers hosted a panel discussion at Marina Palms. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Jennifer Yudice, Christina Pappas, Alicia Cervera, Daniel Guerra, Maggie Buck, Craig Studnicky, Jessica Bostwick, Alma Betancourt, Rosie Hernandez, Avelina Colon, Dinorah Guerra 2. Daniel Guerra, Dinora Guerra, Erik Haase 3. Alma Betancourt, Dinora Guerra 4. Erika Abbott, Jen Arganarez 5. Avelina Colon, Erika Abbott, Arleen Rodriguez, Miriam Gilmore, Pam Garcia 6. Alberto Carrillo, Alex Vidal 7. Grace Mure, Nelly Da Silva 8. Jennifer Arganaraz, David Adam Kurz, Kendra Decker 9. Jennyffer Mones, Jordan Casanas, Kendra Decker 10. Jennifer Judice, Monica Canabal

Encounters w/ Voices For Children

The 22nd Annual Be A Voice Luncheon encouraged guests to “Transform, Inspire & Love” during the special gathering at Coral Gables Country Club. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Nelson Hincapie, Abigail Price-Williams, Michael Rosenberg, Rebeca Sosa 2. Alex Bokor, Hugo Benitez, Eduardo W Gonzalez 3. Laurie Jennings, Denise McArthur, Carlos Gimenez 4. Nelson Hincapie, Jay Shapiro, Brad Meltzer 5. Jose Fuentes, Alex Dominguez 6. Jose Pepe Diaz, Jeanette Rubio, Rebeca Sosa, Shakyiah Cargill, Sally Heyman 7. Lourdes Gimenez, Allyn Bernstein 8. Marcela Arbelsez, Miguel De La O 9. Justin Trabert, Yolanda Berkowitz, Lourdes & Carlos Gimenez, Athina Martunet, Eduardo Marturet 10. Laurence Stott, Yolanda Berkowitz

Encounters w/ Midtown Five

Midtown Five Miami hosted their first meet & greet event to showcase the offerings at the newest rental community in Midtown. — Photos by Edward Leal 1. Ramon Benitez, Alejandra Weeimann, Ruben Benitez, Nayla Benitez 2. Adolfo Gil, Mario Fielder, Jeremy Yeje 3. Alejandro Castro, Oz Ureten 4. Asia Gamboa, Isaura Alegria 5. Bruno Aguirre, Eric Larzabal 6. Gabriela Arenas Trudy Castle, Michelle Jorge 7. Juan Carlos Perez, Lavinia Ana Ioana 8. Lavinia Ana Ioana, Juan Carlos Perez 9. Lucho Gautier, Flavia Tallo 10. Margarita Navarro, Anderson Vanoy

Encounters w/ The Real Deal

More than 4,500 people gathered to hear top industry experts speak on the state of South Florida’s real estate markets during The Real Deal’s latest Showcase & Forum. 1. Rodrigo Gomez, Edgardo Defortuna, Oliver Ruiz, Andres Asion, Maile Aguila 2. Craig Studnicky, Rigo Plasencia, Michael Neumann 3. Amir Korangy, Stuart Elliot, Ross Fox, Yoav Barilan 4. Anna Myakshina, Arik Zamir, Erika Galsky

Encounters w/ Pandora At Brickell City Centre

Pandora in Brickell City Centre officially opened its doors to welcome Miami’s stylish who’s who to take a sneak peek at the highly anticipated new location. — Photos by Posh Photography & Edward Leal 1. Navin Nandwani, Lavina Nandwani, Ravee Nandwani, Haresh Nandwani, Nita Nandwani, Ram Nandwani, Shalini Nandwani, Willy Zwetsloot, Andre Zwetsloot, Divya Nandwani, Jai Nandwani, Aruna Nandwani 2. Ram Nandwani, Irwin Tauber, Alex Tauber, Stephanie Tauber Feldenkreis 3. Ribbon Cutting 4. Bethany Martinez, Jessica Sotolongo, Liza Dieppa 5. Judy Vieria, Daniel Buergo, Claribel Teran 6. Navin Nandwani, Haresh Nandwani, Ram Nandwani, Andre Zwetsloot, Ravee Nandwani, Kiran Mukhi Nandwani, Amara Nandwani, Sameena Nandwani, Angela Davenport, Judy Vieria, Jai Nandwani, Anaya Nandwani 7. Anthony Spitaleri, Evelyn Torres, Ashley Garcia, Elliot Machado 8. Ericka Medina, Kristin Spainhour 9. Tracy Koço, Andre Siegel 10. Andrea Carolina 11. Judy Vieira, Angela Davenport, Emilee Szabo, Maria Velasco 12. Ravee Nandwani