Wardrobe Duality

Playing extreme contrast between ladylike and urban styles, get a look with chic aptitude that’s ready to hit the streets. Featuring Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studios, Jhon Jairo Santos, Anglels Almuna, Mackenzie Grace Lawrence, Acne Studios, Vetements, MRKT Avenue Deux, Miami Design District, Tanya Taylor, Prada, Balenciaga, Capretto Shoes, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Casadei, Oscar De La Renta, Jimmy Choo, Altuzarra

Skyline Transformation

One River Point is about achieving the perfect marriage between design, lifestyle, location and amenities — it’s luxury redefined. The development came out of Shahab Karmely’s desire to create something transformative in one of his favorite cities in the world. Featuring Shahab Karmely, KAR Properties, The Sky Club, Rafael Viñoly. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Dazzling Design

Poltrona Frau Group Miami opened its doors in 2001 when CEO & Owner Giampiero Di Persia saw a vibrant future for Miami at a time when many did not. “I’m glad to have had that vision, and to have been right about it,” he says as the company transitions from their landmark 25,000-sq.-ft. building into a massive 71,000-sq.-ft. design destination. Text by Sandy Lindsey. Photos Courtesy of Poltrona Frau. Featuring: Poltrona Frau Group, Giampiero Di Persia, Owner & CEO of Poltrona Frau Group Miami, Gaetano Pesce, Alessandro Mendinismi, NativoCampana. Corsi Design Factory, Fernando & Humberto Campana, SLS Beverly Hills, The Setai New York and Delano Miami, Air France’s VIP Lounge, Tokyo and Ferrari dealers,The New World Symphony concert hall in Miami, the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, French Assembly and Senate, Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and De Beers Jewelry; and elite yacht companies Sanlorenzo, Pershing Motor Yachts and Ocean Emerald Yacht, Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and De Beers Jewelry; and elite yacht companies Sanlorenzo, Pershing Motor Yachts, Ocean Emerald Yacht and Laboratorio Mattoni Roma.

You're Worth It

Not sure if you’re getting paid the right amount for a job well done? If you’re an entrepreneur, the fine line between nickel & diming and demanding more from your clients can put you in quite the predicament. Not sure where to start? You can begin by asking yourself: “What am I really worth?”. Featuring Tonya Rineer, Dr. William Benson, Dan Nainan, Scott Fishman, Team All-American, Terence Channon, The SaltMines Group. Text by Dena Roche

Happy Go Lucky

…it depends on who you ask. If you’ve ever wondered what the true meaning of happiness is, you’re not alone. Turns out the answer is far more complicated than most of us could ever imagine — yet much easier to accomplish than we think. Text by Ryan Jarrell. Featuring: University of Minnesota, Princeton study by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, Northwestern University and the University of Massachusetts.

Where The World Meets

The old world melds with the new as the Mediterranean sways in the backdrop and history peeks around every corner with a burning desire to explore Tel Aviv. Text by Francesca Cruz. Featuring: Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion Airport, Namal Port, Jaffa, Hilton Beach, Maravi Beach, Bograshov Beach, Banana Beach, Neve Tzedek, Lev Hair District, Hotel Montefiore, Nahalat Binyamin Street, Rothschild Boulevard, Bauhaus buildings, Tel Aviv Museum Of Art, Tel Aviv Museum Of Art, Dr. Ronald Fuhrer, Degas, Renoir and Picasso, Caroline of Monaco and Bianca Jagger.

Dream Job Believin'

When you’re locked in to the doldrums of drudge work day in and day out, the energy and focus to take the first step toward realizing your dream job can seem particularly daunting. It’s time to start thinking about getting the job you’ve always wanted — and getting paid for it. Text by Ryan Jarrell.

Bar Tab

The Magic City’s drink scene is heating up with Roy A. Roig’s sipworthy creations at Trust & Co. in Coral Gables that perfectly please with every pour. Text by Estrellita S. Sibila. Photos by Edward Leal. Featuring: Trust & Co, Roy A. Roig, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z.


Even the diehard gold Rolex-wearing traditionalists will have a tough time not tossing their beloved perpetual self-winding movement aside and finally embracing smartwatch technology when they get a good look at the Brikk Lux Omni 18k Gold Apple Watch! Featuring: Rolex, Brikk Lux Omni 18k Gold Apple Watch and Zero Halliburton Case with carbon fiber and suede leather interior.

Success Timepieces

Every so often, you find yourself in the right place at the right time. For me, it was when I found myself in a jet fighter at 500 mph, doing barrel rolls. Featuring Breitling Jet Team, The Albatross L39-C. Text by Bill Lindsey

Success Wellness

Wellness and Meditation Coach, Kristen Joy says to follow your gut an other techniques to boost your body to its best! Featuring Kristen Joy. Text by Francesca Cruz

Success Pets

Every now and again there’s a story of a well-off widow who cut all the relatives out of her will to leave a modest fortune to her cat. However, that’s nothing compared with what these dogs raked in. Text by Morgan The Dachshund Lindsey

Success Dining

Perricone’s has been serving homestyle Italian cuisine in the heart of Brickell long before the neighborhood became a household name. This month, the restaurant celebrates its 20th anniversary — but don’t expect velvet rope parties and fancy invites to commemorate the occasion…this is the kind of place where ordering the usual will never disappoint. Featuring Perricones, Steven Perricone. Text by Jorge Arauz

Success Connoisseur

As VeritageMiami turns 21, what started out with a small group of philanthropically-minded wine and food lovers coming together for a dinner and auction has now grown into a sprawling 5-day event, attracting more than 3,500 people. Featring VeritageMiami, Michael Bittel, Larry Solomon. Text by Anja Maltav

Success Esthetique

When it comes to beauty, you should aim for the most advanced, the very best and throw some technology up in there to attack aging in every direction! Featuring ZSS Skincare, G.M. Collin Daily Ceramide Comfort Capsules. Text by Francesca Cruz

Success Metropolis

Javier Cuadros helps build cities, one building at a time, one community at a time. It is a collaborative effort between the city, the community and the development team with the goal of improving quality of life. Featuring Javier Cuadros, Hyde Midtown, The Related Group

Success Giving

On Oct. 27, Jumpstart’s Read For The Record will have millions of adults reading the same book to young children to raise awareness for childhood literacy. Featuring United Way of Miami-Dade, Jumpstart’s Read For The Record, Julia Sarcone-Roach, United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education, Educare Of Miami. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Success Drive 44

We live in good times for car enthusiasts. Ford’s iconic Mustang is an epic example of how muscle cars of the ‘60s are back, but even better than they were way back when. Featuring Ford, Mustang, Shelby GT 350R. Text by Bill Lindsey

Success Oasis

Forrester Research’s US Telecommunting Forecast predicts the number of Americans who head into the office without leaving home will rise to 63 million this year. Which presents a unique set of challenges that need to be addressed. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Success Finance

Let "The Title Guy" explain to you the importance of title insurance. Featuring Glenn Asher, Kensington Vanguard National Land Services. Text by Stacy Wynn

Success Real Estate

Oceana is an exclusive oasis within the lavish hidden treasure that is Key Biscayne. Simply put, it offers the best of all worlds surrounded by the best of all worlds. Featuring Oceana Key Biscayne, Crandon Golf Club, Miami Seaquarium. Text by Sandy Lindsey

Success Around Town

Since 2014, Downtown Dadeland has been undergoing a renaissance. The lifestyle center is now turning into a must-visit culinary destination with several new chef-driven and unique concepts recently opened or coming soon. Featuring Downtown Dadeland, Barley, Jorgie Ramos, The Brick, Cory Bosquet, Allen Susser, Nanndi Frozen Cream & Pastry Shop, BurgerQ, Sabrina Mancin, Ghee Indian Kitchen, Niven Patel,

Success Tech

Technology is our friend, but we all know that it can also be our foe. Here are some funny, embarrassing and probably all too familiar things that can go wrong with the stroke of a single key on a computer or phone near you. Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick

Success Eats

Food, it’s necessary and we love it. Sometimes the best way to get someone to commit to meeting with you is if you offer up lunch or breakfast, of something in between. After all, who would pass up a free meal? Featuring Versailles Restaurant, La Loggia, Abbracci. Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick

Success Eco

Being a responsible resident of Planet Earth doesn’t have to mean driving an electric car or installing solar panels on your roof (although if you do, kudos). There are simple things you can do to leave a less dramatic carbon footprint. Here are a few tips to make your life greener. Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick

Success Creative

Tiffany Dominguez takes creativity to a whole new level with her out-of-this-world, timeless jewelry line that puts the “magic” in Magic City. Featuring Tiffany Dominguez, Taudrey. Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick

Success At Your Best

The world is ever-changing…and not always for the better. Specialized Protection Services understands this and offers professional executive, personal, property, private event, place-of-worship protection and much more. Featuring Specialized Protection, Jay Marin, Florida Association Of Private Investigators, Steven Rachminov. Text by Sandy Lindsey.

Success Culture

If you’re a native Miamian, you’ve almost certainly been on a school field trip to The Barnacle in Coconut Grove for a day of fun, sun and learning. But visiting this local gem as an adult is quite a different experience. Featuring The Barnacle Historic State Park. Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick

Success Balance

The first South American-inspired luxury spa with shamanic practices in the U.S. has arrived to Miami. Housed in Faena Hotel, you’ll find an oasis for the mind, body and spirit at Tierra Santa Healing House. Featuring Tierra Santa Healing House, Faena, Text by Francesca Cruz


Little Lighthouse Foundation’s new Executive Director, Jonahtan Babicka, is shining new light on the organization’s mission to inspire caring, passionate locals to take action in the community to benefit children. Featuring Little Lighthouse Foundation, Jonahtan Babicka, Rob Sena, Aaron Resnick and Charlie Venturi, Chapman Partnership, Lotus House, Children’s Home Society, YWCA and Miami Bridge, Shavon Whitehead, The Hearts & Stars Gala, Nightmare On The Beach Halloween Bash, Lummus Park. Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick