Up, Up & Away

Tibor Hollo can literally stand atop any of the scores of projects he’s developed around town and see how his vision has influenced the city in more ways than he can remember. In his 6 decades as a developer, he’s seen the market soar and crumble 9 times while his vision for the future of Miami steadily continued to materialize with prophetic accuracy. Today, he’s planning to build the tallest skyscrapers Miami has ever seen. Featuring: Florida East Coast Realty

Indulge Demeanor

Light fabrics and relaxed silhouettes combine for a quintessential wardrobe that embraces an effortless lifestyle. Featuring: Nick Garcia for BlindLight Studio, Jhon Jairo Santos, Angeles Almuna Weil and 120LinoUSA.

The REAL DEAL 2014

A few of The Magic City’s top realtors share their insights on the state of the market and what selling homes means to them, with a couple of real estate trend predictions for the new year mixed in.

Cohabiting Bliss

The time has arrived when both of your leases are up and the timing couldn’t be better to move in together. You’re both ready to take the big leap and get a place all your own. Watch out: The web you weave can yield good or evil — find out how you can live happily ever after.

Success Metropolis

Monica Venegas sold out over 70% of Chateau Beach before the Sales Lounge was finished. So it’s no wonder Château Group has asked her to head the sales & marketing efforts for their latest ultra luxury venture, Fendi Château Residences.

Life's Little Hacks

Put each day to good use by adopting these new habits and editing out things that aren’t adding to your goal of achieving complete and utter happiness.

Bar Tab

Kori Baxter has diverse experience putting her Dietetics & Nutrition degree to work slinging lowcalorie shooters at Spazio Nightclub. Now armed with Massage Therapy credentials, she can cure anything that ails you.

Life In Paradise

This spectacular oceanfront property at Ocean Tower II in Key Biscayne will have you saying home sweet home from the moment you set foot inside. Featuring: Monica DeFortuna

If Walls Could Speak

A haunted house, literary greats and some serious bungalow love, baby — only in Miami can you find all the aforementioned harmoniously meshing under the balmy sunrays and shaded breezes that define our magic city by the sea.


Lori Anne Wardi of Neustar is helping run the critical infrastructure that makes the digital world function while creating a galaxy of highly sought-after digital real estate.

Success Savvy

Choosing the right property is stressful enough. Perland Title & Escrow Services Corp. prides itself on fast, efficient closings that keep prices low while pampering clients to the max.

Success Oasis

Lineaire Design's new office for Ricardo Arjona is definitely fit for a superstar! Maybe a fabulous rope hammock like the one featured in this month's magazine could put the perfect finishing touch? Don't forget to check out some great tips for the New Year!

Success Real Estate

Oasis Park Square in Doral is perfect for anyone looking to live in pure sophistication. When you move in, make sure to download the AroundMe phone App to see what businesses are near you! Also make sure to check out this months' prime properties.

Success Home

Iconic designers Konstantin Grcic & Toan Nguyen have completely revolutionized bathroom design by turning it into an artistic endeavor and working with the groundbreaking new ceramic material SaphirKeramik by Laufen.

Success Tech

ArXperience 3D augments the luxury real estate buying experience with virtual reality, changing the way developers and brokers lure sophisticated buyers from around the globe.

Success Pets

When it comes to man’s best friend, there isn’t much we wouldn’t do to show our canine companions just how much we love them…and nothing says puppy love like the inaugural Doggy Fest at Bayfront Park.

Success Drive

The latest generation of smartphones are a great example of how we rely more on technology than ever for what used to be mundane tasks — including driving around town.

Success Giving

Besides helping bring big-hearted folks from around town together for a great cause, Habitat For Humanity makes the dream of home ownership a reality for low-income families all year round.

Success Finance

See what Maria Nunez, from the Immigration Dept. at Piquet Law Firm, P.A, has to say about investing in treaty countries. Also check out some out-of-the-box office inspiration!

Success Around Town

It’s time to get physical as you make your way around town with stops at all the hidden treasures and prime attractions The Magic City has to offer — and the best way to do it is with a monthly membership to the new solar-powered bikesharing system from justlaunched Citi Bike.

Success Timepieces

Want to tell the time like a millionaire without spending millions on your collection? Adorn your wrist in style without breaking the bank with a membership to Eleven James that transcends time, space and budget.

Success Law

Helio De La Torre is a Partner with Coral Gables-based Siegfried, Rivera, Hyman, Lerner, De La Torre, Mars & Sobel, P.A. who focuses on representing condominium and homeowners associations in turnovers and construction claims. Check out his tips for the turnover process!

Success Salud

Andy Luaces of Core Fitness Miami shares his 10 years of experience training all kinds of people — from busy executives to pro athletes — to help us get the most out of our health and fitness efforts and habits.

Success At Your Best

Sometimes you need a special someone to hand off grueling, time-sucking tasks to so you can free up valuable time, be more productive, spend quality time with family, work on your fitness and earn a higher return on happiness. Here are a few great options to consider.


It might sound crazy, but crawfish, or crayfish, or whatever you want to call these delectable sea dwellers, are coming to Miami in a big way — all you’ve got to do is learn how to eat them right.

The 411

Start of the new year right and check out these great Miami events for the month of January including a breathtaking image part of the Genesis Series from award-winning artists Robin Hill & James Loparo. For all dog lovers, make sure not to miss the Dachshund Rescue South Florida’s “Hot Dog Hustle” race!

Encounters w/ Fendi Château Residences

An exclusive preview of Fendi Château Residences invited guests to experience the luxurious residential offerings at the new property. 1. Gianluca Toniolo, Alberto Vignatelli, Pietro Beccari, Sergio Grosskopf, Manuel Grosskopf 2. Max & Alessandra Rojas 3. Karina Hollender, Mariana Grosskopf 4. Jobson Marangoni, Jessica Segatto 5. Daniel Roshco, Anna Zarro 6. Hope Gainer, Fanny Haim, Monica Venegas 7. Elena Christodoulou, Victor Moreno-Barbera 8. Giancarlo Perez, Bernardo Moller 9. Lina Zapata, Tom Annear 10. Michelle Haim, Carolina Gutierrez, Erika Boggio 11. Roberto & Ramon Yulee 12. Gianluca Toniolo, Ana Fernando March

Encounters w/ Laufen Bathrooms

Miami Ironside’s creative community together with Laufen North America opened their showrooms and studios for a night of creative and social opulence, music and performances.1. Tami Miller, Javier Korneluk, Leigh Suffian 2. Marc Viardot, Livia Pedreira 3. Javier Korneluk, Ofer Mizrahi, Marc Viardot 4. Gina Zuniga Baldwin, Adrian Loving 5. Pedro Ariel, Tom Strala, Cristina Ferraz 6. Bruce And Debra Spector 7. Alison Kunkrl, John Kunkel 8. Jorge Cabrera, Mirtha Cabrera 9. Flavia Archetti, Lauro Andrade, Luciana Perez

Encounters w/ The Melo Group

After the official “Jose Luis Melo Day” was announced, The Melo Group celebrated in grand style with friends, family and residents. 1. The Melo Family 2. Meyer & Rachel Sarshalom 3. Arelys & Inocencio Gonzalez 4. Laura Marquez, Anamarie Garces Melo 5. Meiriam Galeano, Maximo Cuesta 6. Sara & Nestor Hernandez 7. Stan Jones & Isabelle Rodriguez 8. Jaime Vargas, Marjorie Suarez 9. Hector & Ana De Los Reyes 10. Juan Martinez, Carolina Henao 11. Zabala & Noelia Angel 12. Juan Curotto, Mechi Egana 13. Ernesto Morales, Lisandra Nunez

Encounters w/ Adriana Hoyos

Guests were recently treated to “A Sculptural Evening” presenting Adriana Hoyos for UNICEF that featured Muzeion, sips, sights and bites throughout the night. 1. Andrea & Eduardo Perez, Adriana Hoyos, Eduardo Jose Perez 2. Daniela Paez, Isabella Rosales 3. Christina Arguello, Diana Dutriz 4. Karla Martinez, Erika Alfonso 5. Anadariela Valderrama, Fabiola Castillo, Luisana Zucaro