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Featuring Fabian Garcia-Diaz, Norma Travis, Giulietta Ulloa, Brigitte de Langerson


Featuring Brad Kerschensteiner of Canyon Ranch Miami Beach


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SUCCESS_At Your Best

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On With the Show

Sometimes a day in the office can feel like a shift at the nut-farm — or a set-up on Candid Camera. For the sake of your mental fitness, we’ve put together a list of some of the most common — and difficult —office personalities, along with our tips for how to keep them from driving you to Prozac.

On With the Show

Aces - Featuring Esteban Garcia Jr of Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market, Adrian Persad of Arthur Murray Miami, Munir Maluf of Brix 46, Robin Raina Benjamin, PsyA, LCSW, Giulietta Ulloa, Juliette Dumarcay, Gustavo Cagiao, Michelle Casas, Virginia Ross, Christian Varas and Ivonne Sanabria of Trini

Mason of the Millennium

The Beacon Council’s President & CEO , Frank Nero, is out to make sure business stays booming in Brickell and beyond with the signature leadership style he’s developed from all the lessons he has learned along the way. Contributors - Andre Pinsum

Home in the Sky

This sprawling condo residence at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami will take your breath away as you take in some of the most expansive vistas of The Magic City right from the comforts of home. - Featuring Brigitte Nachtigall

The Power of Tan

Sometimes, a tan is just a tan. At Boca Tanning Club Brickell, it’s an experience that’s peppered with Zen-grade tranquility packaged up into a multi-sensory journey toward a better-looking you — morning, noon and night. Featuring Zurami Pascual

Burn, Baby, Burn

Want to break a sweat in style? The Sports Club/LAMiami offers every resource, service, and amenity available to help members get in tip-top shape.

Mama Mia

If you’ve been scouring the city in search of an authentically Italian good time in a welcoming setting, Puntino Restaurant in Downtown may be just what you’ve been craving. And we promise you won’t leave hungry — or thirsty.

Encounters @ Puntino

Giada Pignata celebrated her birthday with an elabroate party at Puntino Downtown with family, friends and guests. 1. Alexandra Leitman, Giada Pignata, Jose & Olivia Baizan 2. Manuela Baselice & Elena Pelli 3. Olivia Balzan & Jessica de Linares 4. Cristian Balbontin & Paige Latterner 5. Cristoforo & Giada Pignata 6. Marco Uperi & Adriano Dicinto 7. Sofia Sohl & Leonardo Hidalgo 8. Paige Latterner, Tracy Goodman & Rosa Ehrlich 9. Jesse Stein, Alex Jimenez & Lawrence Leitman. 10. Claudia & Camillo Baptiste

Encounters @ Boca Tanning

Boca Tanning Club Brickell recently opened its doors ready to make area movers-and-shakers look their best day and night. 1. Jorge Moreno, Zurami Pascual & Carlos Navarro 2. Gina Ludovic, Kayla Gallaghez, Yasamish Fatemian & Charles Bellantini 3. Monica & Joseph Juliano & Taissia Nyatt 4. Loretta Castellanos, Erir Sussman & Lisa Mathis 5. Sina & Jose Morales 6. Christina Termine & Zurami Pascual 7. Lauren Nazzo & Eva Hughes 8. Gustellas & Kim Waters 9. Malcom Barraza, Amy & Luis Correa 10. Teresa Gorassini & Christina Cascel 11. Genilde Gerra, Zurami Pascual & Gabriela Arango 12. Marysol Patton & Christina Termine 13. Jim Samartino, Chrisitian & Ragen Palmer 14. Victor De Yurre, Odalys Mon & Bevin Bruina 15. Suzanne De Witt & Carlos Navarro 16. John Kowalsky, Brittany Rivera & Ossy Zuan 17. Nick Box & Guily Booth 18. Thomas Keane & Sebastian Banchs 19. Rosa Mora & Elena Iturriaga 20. Johana Soler & Patrick Jeary

Encounters @ Brix 46

The team at Brix 46 introduced themselves to Brickell’s finest during their Grand Opening event. The area’s VIPs were glad to welcome the new venue offering good times every night of the week. 1. Munir Maluf, Juliana Barrera, Tim Whitehair & Morgan de Franco 2. Victor Diaz Granados & Lars Fitzgerald 3. Janice Brustolin, Deron Desautels & Jana Adam 4. Michelle Manjarrez & Ralph Ventura 5. Berenice Farfan, Lily Parra & Marlene Garcia 6. Camilo Sarmiento, Jana Adam, Iliana Alvarado & Danny Cano 7. Cameron Sisser & Barry Turner 8. Jorge Moreno & Gabriel Ayala 9. Richard Martinez & Maribel Valdez 10. Katriona Ruprai & Sarkis Anac 11. Nicolas Ibargüen & Manuela Mejia 12. Ernesto Amado & Alexandra Ruiz 13. Silvana Wallinger, Tania Rondon & Adriana Rodriguez 14. Roland Demers & Hilarin Soto 15. Leonardo del Toro, & Paula Burnley 16. Munir Maluf, Ana Sofia Villaveces & Alejandro Polania 17. Tatiana Ruiz & Monica Carrero 18. 17. Tatiana Ruiz & Monica Carrero 19. Shani Abergel & Fito Espinola

Encounters @ Cayon Ranch Miami

Canyon Ranch Miami Beach hosted “Cocktails & Networking by the Sea,” an event that brought together area movers-and-shakers and VIPs. 1. Jennifer Valdes, Shawn Wariastia & Maite Velez 2. Bo Cumbo & Joe Tomassetti 3. Chreryl Murphy & Lisa Murphy 4. Tania Morariu & Katja Janzon 5. Cesar Lizarraga & Shane Molinaro 6. Fabiola Castro & Manouch Neme 7. Lucy Toquica & Carmen Gonzalez 8. Ladyane Lopez, Regan Glover & Mario Celada 9. Oli Perez & Valeska Rodriguez 10. Charlie Melendez, Juan Casimiro & Nelson Ferrera 11. Ana Plesent, Kevin Abril & Rebecca del Monte 12. Cindy Jimenez & Gisel Jimenez 13. Jeff Stubins & Sheila Shteyrendirg 14. Gina Tinoco & Stella Chavez 15. Marianne Sepeira, Connie Meras & Maria Martin 16. Leeann Rawson & Lisa Ross 17. Kelly Garganta & Janette Corral 18. Andres Corral & Andres Garganta 19. Andrea Piedranita & Catalina Salazar 20. Belkis Alama & Manny Huerda 21. Kay Rivas & Laurien Witte 22. Dr. Ghassan Fahel, Tanya Camacho & Dr Mauricio Cuellar

Encounters @ Skyline

Evangeline Gouletas has been the talk of the town recently, thanks to her efforts in securing Miami as the location of artist Ginés Serrán’s massive masterpiece, The Union of the World: Monument to World Peace. 1. Tomas Regalado, Evangeline Gouletas & Isos Stamelos-Monroe 2. Brian & Mary Tague 3. Tomas Regalado & Alan Ojeda 4. Isos Stamelos-Monroe & Gines Serran 5. Oscar Ortega & Silvia Ibanez 6. Karen Martell & Rod Howard 7. Gabrielle Anwar & Gianna Sparacino 8. Sildy Cervera & Tony Japour 9. Lance Stuart & Sarah Pratt 10. Jose Martinez & Holly Wiedman 11. Lili Batista & Hugh Wiedman 12. Cary Fernandez & John Shepherd 13. Luis Palomino & Alan Ojeda 14. Tomas & Tivy Carmelo 15. Veronica Rivera, Sinia Serran & Maria Eftimiades 16. Young Heewait & Carol Daminu 17. Steve & Julie Weintraub 18. Graciela & Alberto Liberman 19. Naidy & Jose Viana 20. Beth & John Deutschman

Encounters w/ Isa Zapata & Green Grass

Green Grass, Isa Zapata and international photographer Sergio Fama teamed up for a “Love Fest” event featuring artist Isa Zapata’s signature hearts. A total of 5% of the proceeds went to the International Rescue Committee to help the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti. 1. Isa Zapata, Maria Borovio, Lorena Coyle, Pilar Jimenez & Claudia Sanz 2. Barbara Folatelli & Sol Borchardt 3. Claudia & Carlos sanz 4. Dana Abreu, Laura Torreballeda & Sylvia Mendoza 5. Isa Zapata & Marisol Rua 6. Roland Rafuls, Rosana Emanuelli, Cristina Hoyos & Luis M Posee 7. Jenny Lewis, Paola de castro & Monica Rose Diaz 8. Mario Henao, Paola Tesone & Isa Zapata 9. Patricia Rivadeneira, Elias Maida, Lorena Holguin, Angela Boni & Nick Garcia 10. Lucia Salgado & Benjamin Odell